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Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, with its sun-drenched skies, reasonable real estate prices and close proximity to both Tampa and Orlando, offers one of Central Florida’s most coveted places to live. Known for its high quality of life and family-friendly appeal, the city enjoys a modest cost of living, abundant shopping and dining options, excellent schools offered by the Polk County School Board and convenient access to major highways, Amtrak, bus services, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport and much more. The city’s mix of prime location and outstanding real estate options makes it one of the region’s top places to live, work or retire.

The Lakeland real estate market enjoys strong property values, low interest rates and prices and a wide array of home options to choose from. Lakeland homes include homes with scenic lakefront views, single-family homes, starter homes, multifamily homes and much more to discover. Lakeland FL homes and other types of Lakeland FL real estate options are perfect for retirees seeking a city that’s affordable, livable and sunny year round, local commuters, first-time homebuyers and also for families with young children. Lakeland homes for sale and other types of Lakeland properties also offer convenient proximity to the many attractions of both Orlando and the Tampa Bay area.

History of Lakeland

True to its name, Lakeland hosts many lakes that offer a rich variety of outdoor activities like fishing, boating and water sports of every kind. The Lakeland area in fact hosts 38 named lakes, including the 2,550 acre Lake Parker, Lake Hollingsworth, Lake Gibson and many others. The Lakeland area is also home to a number of local parks, trails, public spaces and lush golf courses to enjoy throughout the year.

Lakeland, FL, Real Estate
Lakeland Area and Community Information
Special Events in Lakeland

Local events include sports games, performances at the Polk Theatre, special activities at the Southeastern University and much more.

Lakeland: Beautiful Homes with Charming Scenery

Homes for sale in Lakeland and other types of real estate in Lakeland offer some of the finest deals in Central Florida. Anyone interested in finally becoming a Lakeland home buyer should see a Town & Country Real Estate agent today to find out more about the city’s wealth of real estate options on the market.

Attractions and Activities

Attractions in Lakeland offer something for everyone and include the Polk Museum of Art, the Polk Theatre, the Lakeland Square Mall and a number of charming historic districts. In addition, the city enjoys easy access to the countless attractions in nearby Tampa and Orlando.

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