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Winter Haven, FL

The city of Winter Haven is located in Central Florida just minutes from Tampa and Orlando. Known as the Chain of Lakes City, Winter Haven is home to several beautiful lakes including Lake Lulu, Lake Eloise and Lake Howard. It was also here where such major league baseball players as Hank Aaron, Lou Gehrig and Willie Mayes went for their spring training.

History of Winter Haven

The first occupants of the area that is known today as Winter Haven were people of the Seminole and Creek tribes. However, during the Seminole Wars of the early 1800s, the tribes people were driven out, and settlers took over the areas. They named their settlement Winter Haven simply due to the area's pleasant climate.

During these early years, Winter Haven was mainly an agricultural community. Nevertheless, as time went on, a number of businesses made their homes here including a post office, grocer, several churches, a school and a canning factory. Today, the city is thriving with a variety of businesses, and a vast array of lovely homes.

Parks and Recreation

When you decide to become a Winter Haven home buyer, you will have several beautiful parks where you can spend your spare time. One of the more popular parks among residents of Winter Haven properties is Rotary Park located on Sixth Street. Here, you will find such great amenities as playground equipment, picnic tables, a skate park, basketball court, a ball field and horseshoe pits.

Another favorite park among people living in Winter Haven homes is Kiwanis Park located on Third Street. This park features covered picnic shelters, a playground, an immaculate beach, a fishing dock and clean restrooms. Other parks you may want to visit in Winter Haven include Aldora Park, Girl Scout Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

Attractions and Activities
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Special Events in Winter Haven

This is a city that loves to celebrate, and residents of real estate in Winter Haven enjoy participating in several special events held here during the year. One such event is the Rock N' Freedom Fest, which takes place in early July. Features of this event include live music, tasty food, children's games and an amazing fireworks display.

On the first Saturday of every month, residents of Winter Haven homes for sale can enjoy the Cruisin' Winter Haven special event. This event features a car show, live music from the 50s, raffles, children's games and food vendors. Other events held regularly in Winter Haven include Pickin' in the Park, Dulcimer Night and My Winter Haven Art Exhibit.

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When you purchase Winter Haven real estate, you will find that there are many terrific attractions in the area as well. If you enjoy playing golf, you will be glad to know that the city is teaming with golf courses including the Country Club of Winter Haven, Cypress Golf and Country Club, Willowbrook Golf Course and the Hamptons Golf Club.

There are also many family-friendly attractions near Winter Haven FL homes, and some of the more popular locations are LEGOLand Florida, Wallaby Ranch, Bob's Balloon Rides and Seaworld in Orlando. If you are looking for some great night spots in Winter Haven, be sure to check out Carribean Bay, the Blue Room and Jessie's Lounge.

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